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All customized mechatronic solutions that we design and develop include a motor, often a gear and preferably a controller. This means you get a complete “plug and play” solution that is easy to implement in your product. This means you can concentrate on the rest of the solution and your core competences. Key words such as quality, know-how, flexibility, and service describe our way of developing and working. This helps to ensure that the solution works, easy and simple.
Vendlet bed rail


VENDLET is an electric turning system for transferring bedridden people used in nursing homes, hospitals, or at home. The system allows for gentle transfers and reduces the risk of injuries. It consists of a fully automatic electrically powered turning sheet that can be mounted on a regular bed. GCM has developed a customer-specific geared motor for the system.

Vendlet bed rail


GCM developed and manufactured a differential for the Ørsted Satellite that ensured precise unfolding of the antenna. With two Ø16 mm DC geared motors, the differential controlled the unfolding speed and protected the antenna from damage caused by centrifugal forces. The project was a success despite space constraints and operating in a vacuum.
Vendlet bed rail

MiR100™ and MiR200™

Mobile Industrial Robots manufactures collaborative autonomous robots for internal transportation and logistics in industry. GCM has developed customized motor and gear solutions for MiR’s smaller models, MiR100 and MiR200. The customized drive units with DC gear motor and encoder are designed with high performance, reliability, and minimal noise.

Vendlet bed rail


OnRobot offers a wide range of electric, vacuum, and magnetic grippers for collaborative robot applications. GCM developed an integrated BLDC motor for the robot gripper’s fingertips that ensures optimal precision and control when handling workpieces. The customized solution is ready to use as soon as it is installed in the production line.

Vendlet bed rail


Focon Electronic Systems manufactured electronic display systems for public transportation. In collaboration with Focon, GCM developed an exterior information display for the S-trains in Copenhagen, showing accurate information about stations and routes. The solution consisted of two geared motors mounted in an aluminum tube with a polymer coupling and motor housing.


Roltec produces a wide range of electric wheelchairs for both indoor and outdoor use. GCM has developed geared motors with built-in brakes and specially designed flat gears for motion. In addition, we have also developed geared motors for a lifting and tilting system that makes it possible to adjust the seat height and tilt mechanism up to 50 degrees.

Vendlet bed rail


Lyngsoe Systems develops advanced automation systems for libraries that efficiently handle, move, and sort materials. The automated handling reduces costs and physical strain. GCM has specially designed a DC gear motor integrated into the system that ensures precise movement of library materials on the sorting belt.
Vendlet bed rail


Blue Ocean Robotics specializes in service robots for healthcare, hotels, construction, and agriculture. Their award-winning UVD robot fights infections with advanced UV technology. For the UVD robot, GCM has developed a customized solution that includes a BLDC geared motor with encoder to ensure precision and reliability.
Vendlet bed rail


Oilwind is a Faroese company known for its electric jigging machine, JigReel, which is an essential tool in the commercial fishing industry. At GCM
we have developed customized motors and gears for the jigging machine, ensuring reliable and robust performance that can withstand the harsh conditions of offshore fishing.

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