AC motors also called asynchronous motors are powered by alternating current and are often used in industries where high performance and constant torque are required.

We offer AC motors from the German manufacturers ABM Greiffenberger and Gefeg-Neckar. Both manufacturers have a wide product range that includes induction motors also known as asynchronous motors, synchronous motors as well as linear motors.

Specifications depend on the motor in question, but our motors range in power from 0.09 kW to 509 W depending on the manufacturer, and selected motors can be supplied with an IP68 protection case. The number of poles depends on the particular motor but is available from 2-12 poles.

The motors are also available with either 1-phase or 3-phase AC voltage and are supplied with motor windings according to customer requirements. The motors can also be further customized with geared motors such as helical, planetary, or worm gears in a wide range of ratios.

We also offer to mount or partially mount a gear motor or something else for your motor, so that you get a plug & play solution, and at the same time you ensure that everything is put together flawlessly.

If you want more information on AC motors, you can read our blog post here, where we summarize the many benefits of AC motors.

ABM Ac motor

ABM AC motor

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ABM’s product range of AC motors covers 3-phase norm motors, 1-phase motors, and special motors such as energy-saving motors in class EFF1. The motors are available with 2 to 12 poles and protection class IP68. Optional motor windings and speeds up to 10,000 rpm.

Dimensions 56-200
Torque 0,25-100
Effect 0,09-30

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Gefeg-Neckar AC motor

Gefeg-Neckar AC motor

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AC motors are produced as 1-phase, 3-phase, and with special winding according to the customer’s request.
Motors can be supplied with spur, planetary or worm gears in a wide range of ratios.
The motors can be delivered to customer specifications.

The motors are also available in a stainless version – See more here

In addition to those in the catalogue, the entire product range is also available in stainless steel – contact us for more information.

Dimensions Ø 53-90
Torque 0,2-1,77
Effect 4,3-509

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