Rotary index tables perform a step-by-step movement on a stable rotary table when the input shaft is rotated continuously. Each step is followed by hibernation. A continuous angular rotation is thus performed in one direction with high position and repetition accuracy, ensuring high reliability and accurate positioning.

We sell rotary index tables from the German manufacturer MIKSCH, who has two types: Ridigial and Intermico. These can be supplied with torques from 50-60,000 Nm depending on the type. In addition, the exit flange of the rotary tables is available with a diameter from 105-1600 mm. The rotary tables are also available as an enclosed unit with or without controls.

If you would like more information about the MIKSCH rotary table and the benefits it can bring to your project, please do not hesitate to contact us. We have more than 35 years of experience and offer expert advice.

Miksch Rigidial rotary index table

MIKSCH Rigidial

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The MIKSCH Ridigial is based on a globoid curve disk, where the input shaft is positioned rectangular to the axis of the rotary index table. It performs a continuous angular rotation in one direction with short cycle times even at high inertial masses and always with high positioning and repeatability accuracy. The standard number of stations for this type is 2-32-100 cycles per minute and can be supplied with or without a geared motor. We also provide customized solutions. Contact us for more information.

Torque from 100 – 1400 Nm
Diameter of outlet flange from 105 – 240 mm

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Miksch Intermico rotary index table

MIKSCH Intermico rotary index table

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The MIKSCH Intermico is based on a cylindrical curve disk. The input shaft is rectangular in relation to the axis of the rotary index table, like MIKSCH’s other type of rotary index table called Rigidial. The number of stations for this type is 2-32 and up to 100 cycles per minute. The special features of Intermico are that it is suitable for heavy loads, moments of inertia with large masses, and harsh environmental conditions. The Intermico is also available with or without a geared motor, and we also provide customized solutions tailored to your needs.

Torque from 50 – 60.000 Nm
Diameter of outlet flange from 185 – 1600 mm

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