A servo consists of a DC motor, gearing, steering, and position sensor. The position of the servo can be controlled very precisely and is specially developed for applications where the position is as important as the control in e.g. a robot gripper arm. If you push the servo away from its position, the servo keeps trying to turn back.

We offer a wider range of different types of servo drives from several suppliers. Below you can see the range of our servo motor controllers.

We are happy to put together your servo drive with the electric motor, gears and accessories needed for your project.

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Servotronix LVD servo drive

Servotronix LVD
servo drive

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The compact LVD servo controller is ideal for controlling stepper motors, brush, and brushless DC motors. The controller is compatible with RS232, CANopen and Sercos III interfaces. Quick configuration via the Axis Manager GUI.

Power max: 600 W

Supply voltage: 15-48 VDC

Supply voltage 15-
48 VDC
Power max 600 W

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Servotronix CDHD servo drive

Servotronix CDHD
servo drive

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Thanks to a new current loop design, the CDHD controller delivers a frequency response of 3-5 kHz – the best on the market. This ensures maximum accuracy on the application. ServoStudioTM guides the user step-by-step through the setup – quickly and easily.

Power max: 45 kW

Supply voltage: 120-480 VDC

Supply voltage 120-480 VDC
Power max 45 kW

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Servotronix servo drive DDHD

Servotronix DDHD
servo drive

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The DDHD servo drive is a further development of the popular CDHD servo drive. This motor control can potentially reduce costs by up to 20% because more motors share the same components while requiring less cabling.

Power max: 4.5 kW

Supply voltage: 120-240 VDC

Supply voltage 120-240 VDC
Power max 4.5 kW

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Electrocraft servo drive

ElectroCraft servo drives

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Electrocraft has a wide range of motor controllers to cover most needs and specifications.
From simple 2-quadrant speed control to full 4-quadrant servo controls with both encoder feedback and tachometer.

Control and connectivity:

  • Torque
  • Speed
  • Hall sensor
  • Encoder

Power max: 2100 W Supply voltage: 11-70 V

Supply voltage 11-70 VDC
Power max 2100 W

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Technosoft servo drive

Technosoft servo drives

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Technosoft’s intelligent servo controllers are a family of new fully digital motor controllers based on the latest DSP (digital signal processing) control technology.

They can be used for AC brushless, DC brushless, DC brush, or stepper motors and regulate position, speed, or torque easily and straightforwardly using advanced commands and PLC-specific functionality.

Supply voltage: from 12 V to 325 V
Power: up to 3000 W

Supply voltage 12-325 VDC
Power max 3000 W

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Kollmorgen servo drive

Kollmorgen servo drives

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Our AC servo drives are designed to complement our wide range of rotary and linear three-phase brushless servo motors, offering the widest possible connectivity to the global market today. These controllers bring you advanced control technology together with compact dimensions and simplified commissioning.

Kollmorgen produces AC motors, AC servo controllers, DC servo controllers, stepper motor controllers, customer specified controllers, OEM controllers.

See our catalog for the many variations.

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