A common goal – Let’s complete your project

Many brilliant ideas and big projects start with a dream. A dream that has stuck as an idea and then evolved into a finished product. Often it takes many different skills to get to the final product. Perhaps skills that are not immediately available in the company.

We are experts in motor and gear technology and have more than 35 years of experience working with large and small companies, most of which are world leaders in their fields. This means experience and know-how in developing and designing customized mechatronics solutions in close cooperation with your internal development department. That way, we do everything we can to make your project a reality.


We have the right combination of know-how and experience on motor and gear technology. This makes us the ideal partner for your development project, where we can relieve a development department and utilize our experience from similar projects.


We offer customized products, which are basically a standard product that is subsequently modified to suit your specific needs. Our customers get a plug & play solution that fits directly into your application.


Turnkey solutions are usually a complete solution consisting of a motor, gear, encoder, control, and possibly programming and mounting. We provide a plug & play solution that is easy to implement in your product.


We offer a wide range of standard products within our different product categories. What characterizes our standard products is that they usually do not require a lot of advice and individual customization – they are therefore delivered as they are from the manufacturer.



We can produce and assemble or disassemble for the customer on request. It can be simple things like installing connectors on the motor or we can install a complete product so that the customer gets a plug & play solution.



We offer programming of all the controls we supply – from simple functions to complex processes. We understand the processes that the customer wants the motor controller to perform.

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