Our product range is divided into the following categories

Electric motors

Our range of electric motors spans different types, sizes and power levels to meet the requirements of different industries. The range consists of standard motors from leading international suppliers, which we can customize to meet the customer’s specific needs and requirements.

AC motor
Brushless motor
Dc motor
Direct torque motor
Servo motor
Stepper motor
Synchronous motor


Our range of gears includes different types, including spur, planetary and helical. All gears in our range are designed to meet specific load, speed and precision requirements, whether you’re working with heavy machinery or precise instruments. Gears are especially crucial for achieving the desired speed and torque in many applications.

Flat gear
Geared motor
Index gear
Rotary index table
Worm gear
Spur gear
Angular gear

Motor controllers

To maximize the performance of your electric motors and gears, you may need advanced motor controls. Our range of motor controllers allow for precise control and management of your electric motors, which is essential for optimal efficiency. With features like speed control, torque control and position control, you can tailor your systems exactly as needed.

Brushless motor controllers
Frequency converters
PMDC controllers
Servo drives
Stepper motor control


To ensure optimal performance and accurate control of your systems, we offer a comprehensive range of accessories to complement our range of electric motors, gears and motor controllers. Our accessories are carefully selected to meet industry requirements.


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