ABM Greiffenberger logo

ABM Greiffenberger

ABM develops and produces innovative, high-quality motors and gears. ABM manufactures all components for motors, gears, brakes, and frequency converters in-house.

Boston Gear logo

Boston Gear

Boston Gear offers one of the industry’s most comprehensive product ranges with more than 30,000 standard products combined with the ability to customize unique solutions.

Buhler Motor logo

Bühler Motor

Bühler Motors
products are in the categories DC and BLDC motors, geared motors, encoders and brakes.

The products are especially

specialized in automotive, healthcare, aerospace and many other industries.

Ebm-papst Zeitlauf logo

ebm-papst ZEITLAUF

Ebm-papst ZEITLAUF offers and produces total solutions that include motors, gears and control technology. They have a wide range of flat, planetary, and helical gearboxes.

ElectroCraft logo


ElectroCraft Inc. specializes in reliable controllers for smaller motors. The company’s processes and resources enable it to consistently meet customer needs.

Gefeg-Neckar logo


Gefeg-Neckar develops and produces electric motors and gears. The company is a recognized manufacturer when it comes to innovative and customized solutions.

Kollmorgen logo


Kollmorgen is one of the few suppliers who design and manufacture all of their products in-house, including classic servo motors, stepper motors, controllers and actuators.

miControl logo


miControl is a manufacturer of motor controllers for brushless and brush DC motors, stepper motors, and linear motors. miControl focuses on high quality and is a supplier in demand.

Miksch logo


Miksch specializes in the computer-based design, development, and production of turntables, index gears, and rotary index tables and has more than 40 years of experience.

Pittman Logo

AMETEK Pittman

PITTMAN is part of AMETEK Inc. and produces small DC motors, brushless motors, servo motors with or without gears, and encoders, which are ideal for a wide range of applications.

Phytron logo


Phytron specializes in stepper motors and stepper motor controllers. Phytron focuses on quality, professional skills, and high technological precision.

Precima logo


Precima is a manufacturer of innovative brakes and has a wide range of electromagnetic brakes and clutches for various applications.

Portescap logo


Portescap is one of the world’s leading suppliers of miniature motors and their range is one of the widest in the industry. They offer brushed and brushless DC motors etc.

PWB encoders logo

PWB Encoders

PWB Encoders develops, manufactures, and distributes encoders. The encoders are used in many industries and different types of applications and can be customized.

Servotronix logo


Servotronix develops and manufactures standard and customized solutions for automation, with a focus on motors and controls, and has more than 30 years of experience.

Technosoft logo


Technosoft is a leading company that designs, develops and manufactures motion control technology. They also specialize in customized solutions.

Thomson logo

Thomson / Micron

Thomson invented linear anti-friction technology over 60 years ago and has been the market leader in the industry ever since. Thomson is recognized and trusted as a global manufacturer of mechanical motion technology.

Transtecno logo


Transtecno designs, manufactures, and sells a wide range of worm gears, spur gears, planetary gears, AC and DC electric motors both as standard and as customized solutions for special projects.

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