Customized products

It should be simple for you

We always try to make it as easy as possible for our customers to use our products.

That’s why we offer customized products, which are basically standard products that are subsequently modified to suit your project or application’s specific needs.

We have helped customers install gears, cables, and connectors on various electric motors, and we offer this customization of standard products in all our product categories.

With a customized product, flexibility is ensured and you get a solution that fits directly into the product or application. In short, this means that the assembly process is simplified, saving you time and resources.

Examples of previous customized solutions

During our 35 years as experts in motor and gear technology, we have delivered several customized solutions to customers in various industries. Among other things, we have delivered an electric motor with customized add-ons for OnRobot.

See a selection of our previous customer solutions here.


Do you have a good idea that we can help you with?

We are always ready for a non-binding dialog about the possibilities of delivering customized products. We make sure that the product fits the necessary needs of your project or application.

Contact us today by creating an inquiry in the form below – our engineers are ready to answer your inquiry as soon as possible.

Remember that you can also call us on tel. 74 42 18 64 during our opening hours.

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