We produce or assemble for you

If desired, we can both produce, assemble or partially assemble for you. It can be simple things like fitting a plug on the motor or we can fit a complete product so that you get a plug & play solution.

We have both workshop facilities and skilled employees who, with several years of experience, have the right expertise needed to carry out even the most complex production and assembly tasks.

You can therefore confidently entrust the task to us, and you also avoid having to acquire the right resources yourself, and you can instead use your skills in other areas of your project.

Assembly example
Assembly example
Assembly example

Do you have a good idea that we can help you with?

We are always ready for a non-binding dialogue about our assembly and production options.

Contact us today by creating an inquiry in the form below – our engineers are ready to answer your inquiry as soon as possible.

Remember that you can also call us on tel. 74 42 18 64 during our opening hours.

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