Servo motors are equipped with a relatively low number of poles, which requires them to be controlled through a closed-loop system and necessitates hall sensors or encoders.

With the closed-loop system, servo motors receive feedback on their current position and speed, and adjust their actions accordingly to maintain precise control. The closed-loop system is enabled by using hall sensors or an encoder, which continuously monitor the motor’s condition and send information back to the control system.

This control method enables servo motors to respond precisely to changes in load, making them ideal for tasks where accurate positioning, speed, and dynamic response are crucial.

Servo motors are suitable for a wide range of applications, including robotics, CNC machines, automated production lines, and much more.

We have a wide selection of servo motors from leading international suppliers. The motors are also available as brush or brushless motors. Our range also includes customized solutions where we tailor the servo motor to meet the customer’s requirements. This can include customization of performance, speed, torque, and other parameters to meet specific application requirements.

The servo motors can also be supplied with a variety of additional features and accessories such as integrated resolver, encoder, smart feedback-device, orbrakes.

ABM Sinochron motor New

ABM Sinochron® Motor

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The Sinochron motor from ABM has a compact design and high efficiency (90% and higher). The high efficiency also means that the motor is energy efficient and power saving. The motor has a high torque and speed of up to 3,000 rpm.

The unique design of the Sinochron motor avoids the need for separate encoders, making it a brilliant alternative to more expensive servo motors.

Dimensions 63-100 IEC
Torque 0,75-28,6 Nm
Effect 0.12-9 kW

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Pittman servomotor

Pittman Servo motors

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Pittman servo motors are available in a wide range, the different standard servo motors are available both as brush and brushless motors.

The motors can be supplied with different gears and encoders. Pittman also has the possibility to customize the motors.

Dimensions 12,7-172 mm
Torque 0,006-0,67 Nm
Effect 2,8-600 W

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Gefeg-Neckar servo motor

Gefeg-Neckar Servo motors

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Servo motors can be supplied in many different combinations with gears and motor controllers.

Communication can be done analog or via CAN-BUS.

The motors can be delivered customized and optionally in stainless steel. Contact us for further information.

Dimensions Ø 53-95 mm
Torque 0,03-1,3 Nm
Power max 750 W

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Kollmorgen servo motor

Kollmorgen Servo motor

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Kollmorgen’s servo motors are designed to operate over a wide speed range and have the advantage of being maintenance-free as they are carbon and without commutators. Servo motors have extreme performance with a high torque/inertia ratio and speed up to 8,000 rpm for the standard design. 70,000 rpm. can be achieved by special design. The motors are supplied with a resolver, encoder, or smart feedback device.

Dimensions Ø 176-362 mm
Torque 0,16-150 Nm
Effect 0,68-10

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Portescap servo motor

Portescap Servomotor

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A Portescap servo motor is available as both a brushed (ironless) and brushless motor (slotted & slotless), with different torque and voltage ranges. The motors are high-end motors that are characterized by high acceleration and efficiency, as well as long service life.
The motors can be supplied with gears, encoders, or brakes, and there is also the possibility to offer customized solutions.

Dimensions 8-56,4
Torque 0.7-190 mNm


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ebm-papst Zeitlauf servo motor

ebm-papst Servo motor

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Zeitlauf’s wide range of geared motors is largely available with servo motors in many sizes and power ratings.

Dimensions Ø 22-90 mm
Torque 0,42-30 Nm
Power max 750

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Servotronix offers 3 different series of servo motors: MT, PRO, and PRO2. Common to all 3 series is that the motors can be customized with flange, cables/connectors and other motor windings. The motors are compact in design, quiet and vibration-free. The servo motors are also maintenance-free.

Servotronix PRHD2 servo motor

Servotronix PRHD2
– standard servo motor

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This product range is particularly suitable for price-sensitive applications that require high efficiency and functionality. The motors have up to IP67 protection.

Dimensions 42-180 mm
Torque 0,16-28 Nm
Effect 50 W-4.5 kW

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Servotronix Pro servo motor

Servotronix PRO
– high-dynamic servo motor

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The PRO servo motors are highly dynamic and suitable for applications with strict requirements for high precision and stability. The motors have up to IP65 protection.

Dimensions 42-180
Torque 0,3-40
Effect 100 W-8.3 kW

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Servotronix Pro2 servo motor

Servotronix PRO2
– high-dynamic servo motor

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The PRO2 servo motors differ from the PRO series by having a higher torque and the ability to run speeds up to 6,000 rpm instead of 5,000. In addition, this series offers more customization options.

Dimensions 40-180 mm
Torque 0,16-48 Nm
Power max 50 W-7.5 kW

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