Flat gear is a gear with high power density and high torque. The gear has a special construction shape formed from the pinion gear. However, the output shaft is offset from the motor shaft, which makes it possible to make a hollow shaft.

The advantages of this type of gear are high efficiency, low noise level and friction torque.

We sell flat gearboxes from German ABM Greiffenberger and ebm-papst Zeitlauf as well as Swiss Portescap. These suppliers are one of the world leaders in motors, gears, and controls and have an extensive range of products.

The gears offer strong performance with torque up to 2300 Nm, and are available in a wide range of ratios with standard or customized shafts. In addition, the gears are efficient with a compact design, and are flexible as they can be supplied with different motors and brakes according to size and conditions. Some flat gear units can also be supplied with NEMA flange in different sizes.

We are happy to put together the flat gear with the electric motor and accessories needed for your project.

ABM flat gear

ABM flat gear

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ABM Greiffenberger flat gearboxes have the same advantages as helical gearboxes, including high efficiency and low noise levels. The gears are available with different motor variants with or without brake. Read more about the different gears in the ABM catalog below.

Torque 50-2300 Nm
Exchange 6,96:1 – 2022:1

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Portescap flat gear


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Portescap’s range is designed for their various motors and is available in a myriad of gear ratios with standard shafts or to customer specifications. The gears, which have high efficiency and low friction torque, can be combined with the motor types according to size and power ratio.


0,6-2,6 Nm

Exchange 4,25:1 – 3000:1

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ebm-papst Zeitlauf flat gear

ZEITLAUF Flat gear

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Zeitlauf’s Flatline gear is available in several sizes. The gear unit comes standard with different motor types: DC motors, brushless DC motors or 1 and 3 phase AC motors. The gears can also be supplied with NEMA flange in different sizes.

Max torque 30 Nm
Exchange 8,2:1 –

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