Programming your control

We offer to program all controls that we supply – it can be anything from simple functions to complicated processes.

Our skilled engineers have both the right know-how and understanding of the processes that the customer wants the motor control to carry out. This is a result of our many years of experience within several different industries and markets.

We also work with leading companies within the industry, so we ensure that we can offer the optimal solution just for you.

Our many years of expertise have resulted in us also developing our own GCM stepper motor control, which you can find here.


Do you have a good idea that we can help you with?

We are always ready for a non-binding dialogue about the possibilities for us to program your control.

Contact us today by creating an inquiry in the form below – our engineers are ready to answer your inquiry as soon as possible.

Remember that you can also call us on tel. 74 42 18 64 during our opening hours.

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