Phytron specializes in stepper motors and stepper motor controls and is one of the world’s leading suppliers of high-tech equipment within automation solutions for extreme environmental conditions.

Phytron’s motors and controls are particularly suitable for the following industries:

  • The industrial market is for companies that want to optimize their products and manufacturing processes.
  • Harsh environments where a robust design is required, for example for applications that configure under high temperatures, ambient pressure, and vibration loads or contact with aggressive chemicals. Here you can find Phytron’s stepper motors up to IP68, which are used for e.g. food processing, adjusting rotor blades in the aerospace industry, or positioning scanners in deep drilling technology.
  • Extreme environments such as scientific experiments often have uncertain outcomes.
  • Space: Phytron’s stepper motors are optimized to meet the requirements for use in space, where there is an ultra-high vacuum. There are i.a. 500 Phytron motors in space.

The company focuses on quality, professional skills, and high technological precision – regardless of whether the customer wants a catalog item or an individual customer solution.

Phytron is an international company with headquarters in Germany and sales departments in the USA and Austria. At GCM we have the Danish distribution of motors and controls from Phytron.

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