PWB Encoders is a key player in the development, production and distribution of optoelectronic components and systems.

The product range consists of sensors designed for speed control in applications with limited space. This includes a wide range of miniature encoders, including optical encoders, magnetic encoders, as well as incremental encoders and absolute encoders. The range also includes encoder wheels, encoder strips and customized motor and encoder assemblies.

The unique design of PWB Encoders’ products is protected by patents, resulting in reliable functionality, high precision and increased mechanical robustness compared to competing products. This technological superiority makes PWB Encoders the preferred choice in a variety of industries and application areas where space constraints and reliable performance are essential.

PWB encoders have found use in various industries and applications ranging from production environments to advanced technology.

PWB Encoders pay special attention to individual customer requirements and needs. This approach emphasizes their commitment to providing tailored solutions and creates a partnership that goes beyond simply delivering products.

Product range from PWB Encoders


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