miControlis a renowned German manufacturer specializing in motor controllers for brushless and brush DC motors, stepper motors and linear motors.

The company has built a solid business with more than 15 years of experience in providing automation solutions, and its primary focus is on maintaining high-quality standards.

miControl combines technological expertise with a responsive approach to customer needs. This combination has positioned them as a sought-after and successful supplier in the market.

The range of motor controllers from miControl ranges from 9 V (DC) up to 60 V (DC) and supports 100 A / 6 kW as a maximum. This extensive variety ensures that there is always a suitable solution for different mechatronics applications.

The setup of the motor controllers is significantly simplified through the use of the mctools software solution, which enables quick configuration in minutes, even without previous programming experience. In addition, the motor controllers use CAN bus as a communication interface between the devices and the computer, which requires the miCAN USB connector.

The ability to meet customer requirements has established miControl as a reliable and preferred partner in engine control technology.

Product range from miControl

Motor controllers


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